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[LL Blog] - Second Life Grusel-Highlights und L$10.000 Fotowettbewerb

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von Linden Lab am 15. Oktober 2013 um 4:01pm (16.10.2013, 1:01 Uhr MESZ)
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Jeder Tag ist ein Tag, an dem man sich in Second Life verkleiden kann, aber jetzt habt ihr die Chance, ein paar coole Preise damit zu gewinnen.

Der fa-BOO-lous (*) Second Life Halloween Fotowettberwerb ist da! Macht euren Avi bereit und zeigt uns eure besten themenbezogenen Halloween / Dia de los Muertos (**) Bilder.

Ihr könnt L$10.000, L$3.000, L$2.000 oder L$1.000 für euren Schnappschuss gewinnen!

Der Wettbewerb läuft vom 15. Oktober 2013 ab 10am PT (19 Uhr MESZ) bis 8. November 2013, 5pm PT (9. November, 2 Uhr MEZ). Die Gewinner werden von der Community gewählt! Schaut euch hier die vollständigen Regeln an und reicht euren Schnappschuss ein.

Braucht ihr Inspiration für eure Contest-Aufnahmen? Hier sind ein paar coole gruselige Orte, die eure kreativen Säfte zum fließen bringen. (***)

*   "fa-BOO-lous" = eigentlich "fabulous" (fabelhaft); nicht übersetzt wegen Wortspiel mit BOO
**  "Dia de los Muertos" = Tag der Toten (mexikanischer Feiertag)
*** Ich habe die Texte in den Destination Guide Widgets nicht übersetzt

Haunted Pirate Mystery Hunt

It's a murder mystery and hunt! People have died from a variety of unnatural causes. Can you discover what happened? Explore this magical island, looking for fifteen clues. Find the clues and solve the mystery.
Visit in Second Life

Dark Dharma Haunted Manor

Welcome to DarkDharma Haunted Manor, they've been waiting... Built in the 1880's, this haunted Victorian manor is an imposing structure, never mind the broken windows and wandering souls. It might even be charming, if it wasn't for what happened. What happened to the last occupants? Come visit, if you dare!
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Aged elegance is re-animated in DeadPool, a new experience ripe for exploration. Watch as the bygone disco days rise again! Zombies roam the overgrown and wistful spaces of a forgotten amusement park, see the old roller-disco flash and strobe while amazing DJ's pump dance-worthy beats. Skate around the fringes of the party if you're too afraid to chance in the park. Remember, zombies hate fast food, so get those wheels greased and ready to go.
Visit in Second Life

2013 Halloween Town

Halloween Town is full of shops for all of your Halloween needs. From party, food, costumes and more. Be sure to enter their spook house where you'll turn from spectator to participant as they pay tribute to the greatest horror of all time.
Visit in Second Life


Welcome to Havenhollow, an interactive neighborhood featuring a door to door trick-or-treating experience. Trick or be treated, leave no corner turned unexplored. This town is packed with fun, mystery and excitement for friends to experience together. Days of mischief, haunted woods and surprises galore await you in this fog-lit town.
Visit in Second Life

RMK Halloween 2013

"Happy Halloween!" booms from a pumpkin-headed boy from a dark alcove. "Trick or Treat and welcome to RMK Gothic. I am Jack, the ghost living in this town!" It must be the Halloween season at RMK Gothic, come visit for spookily-themed quests, stores and more.
Visit in Second Life

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